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The YOUHA PPSU Bottle is made of FDA compliant food-contact grade.  With lightweight, durable and high temperature resistant PPSU Bottle, it is easy to hold, assemble and clean.


  • Pack for 2


  • Made from Polyphenyl sulfone bottle (PPSU)


  • Better durability and heat tolerance than PP and PES


  • PPSU bottles can withstand -20’C up to 180’C in temperature


  • Free of BPA, BPS, Phthalates



We recommend replacing PPSU Bottle at first signs of wear, if damaged or every 6-9 months


7oz / 210ml PPSU Storage Bottle with cap

  • PPSU 奶瓶

    YOUHA PPSU 奶瓶由符合美國食品藥物管理局 ( FDA) 食品接觸認證製成。 採用輕便、耐用、耐高溫的 PPSU 奶瓶,易於握持、組裝和清潔。


    • 2 個裝


    • 由聚苯碸 (PPSU) 製成


    • 比 PP 和 PES 更好的耐用性和耐熱性


    • PPSU 能承受的攝氏 -20 至180溫度


    • 不含雙酚A,雙酚S,鄰苯二甲酸鹽


    我們建議更換PPSU 瓶 - 出現磨損跡象時更換此部件(如果損壞)或每 6-9 個月

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