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Youha THE ONE Breastmilk Storage Bags allow moms to pump, store and feed babies. It is convenient for busy moms and prevents the exposure of germs and outside contaminants that are often present when transferring milk from one storage solution to the next.


  • Direct Pump, Freeze, Heat & Feed


  • Free Transfer, it is no need to transfer milk from / to bottles


  • Screw top lid for security while stored in fridge or freezer


  • Fits for wide-based connectors such as YOUHA, AVENT, Pigeon, Spectra & Cimilre


  • BPA-free and phthalate-free


In the box

40 x 7oz / 210ml storage bags

2 wide-based adapters


Youha THE ONE Breastmilk Storage Bags with 2 Adapters

  • 優合母乳儲存袋讓媽媽們可以直接泵奶、儲存及餵養嬰兒。這對忙碌的媽媽來說非常方便,並且可以防止將母乳從一個儲存容器轉移到另一個儲存容器時,暴露於細菌之中,造成污染。


    • 直接泵送、冷凍、加熱和進料


    • 免轉移,無需將母乳從奶瓶之中倒來倒去


    • 存放在冰箱或冰櫃中時,擰上蓋子,以確保安全


    • 寬口的連接器適用於 YOUHA、AVENT、Pigeon、Spectra 和 Cimilre


    • 不含 BPA 和鄰苯二甲酸鹽


    40 x 7oz / 210ml 儲物袋


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