The box includes 3 cleaning brushes - silicone bottle brush, silicone nipple brush, straw cleaning brush.



  • The bottle cleaning brush which rotates 360 degrees makes cleaning easier.


  • The nipple cleaning brush with flexible head can clean the nipple deeply.


  • The non-scratch straw cleaning brush features highly flexible, making it easy to clean inside straight and curved pipes and tubes



  • Silicone cleaning brush is more heat-resistant and can be sterilized at high temperature to prevent the growth of bacteria.


  • Silicone cleaning brush does not absorb water and is easier to dry. And the silicone brush head can be separated for cleaning.


  • Silicone brushes are not like sponge brushes, which can be used to shake the head, cotton, and contain bacteria, and unlike nylon brushes, it is easy to scratch milk bottles.


  • The silicone brush is a semi-permanent use and the head is soft and flexible which is not easy to scratch the milk bottle.

Youha Cleaning Brushes