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A soothing 100% natural brush for your little one


The YOUHA all-natural Wooden Baby Hairbrush provides gentle and soothing care for your baby’s delicate scalp to promote hair growth and establish healthy habits.




Nature Materials - Crafted from premium sustainably sourced beech wood and ultra-soft goat’s wool, selected for nature durability and eco-friendliness.


Ergonomic Design -  Comfortable, easy to hold handle allows care-givers to enjoy bonding while establishing regular brushing habits.


Gentle and Safe - The softs goat’s wool bristles gently brush through all hair types while massaging baby’s delicate scalp.


Stimulates Hair Follicles - Soothing brushing motion increases blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth.


Cleaning and Care

  • Regularly remove loose hair and debris from bristles.
  • Clean bristles by swirling gently in warm, soapy water. Avoid soaking the wood handle.
  • Rinse and shake out excess water.
  • Wipe wood handle with a clean damp cloth.
  • Allow brush to completely air dry before next use.
  • For best results, clean brush at least once a month.



European Beech Wood & Natural Goats Wool

Wooden Baby Hairbrush

  • 木制嬰兒梳子







    天然材料 - 由優質可再生的櫸木和超柔軟的山羊毛製成,選材注重自然耐用性和環保性。


    人體工學設計 - 手柄設計舒適易握,讓照顧者在建立規律梳理習慣的同時,享受親子時光。


    溫和安全 - 柔軟的山羊毛刷輕柔梳理各種髮質,同時按摩寶寶嬌嫩的頭皮。


    促進毛囊生長 - 輕柔的梳理動作有助於增加頭皮血液循環,促進頭髮健康生長。



    • 定期清理梳子上的頭髮和碎屑。
    • 用溫和的肥皂水輕輕浸洗刷毛,避免浸泡木質手柄。
    • 沖洗並甩掉多餘的水分。
    • 用乾淨的濕布擦拭木質手柄。
    • 下次使用前徹底晾乾。
    • 為保持最佳效果,建議每月至少清潔一次。




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