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Pump valve allows milk to be transferred from the pump into the bottle.


  • Exclusively for pump connector such as THE ONE, YH 8004, YH 8200
  • 1 pair included


Breast pump valves should be replaced on a regular basis when you have noticed a loss in suction on your breast pump, or a decrease in milk output.


Free of BPA, BPS, Phthalates and PVC


Prolonging the life of pump valves

  1. Before first use, you need to sterilise valves, but you don't need to sterilise on a daily basis unless profession advice. 
  2. Washing valves with warm, soapy water should be enough to cleam them.
  3. Avoid washing valve in the dishwasher, frequent sterilisation, stream-sterilising in the microwae. 
  4. Grab its tag gently down from the connector.


We recommend replacing this part every 2-4 weeks for frequent pumping or every 2 months for daily pumping to maintain the optimal effectiveness of your pump.


Pump Valve

  • 閥門容許母乳從連接器流入奶瓶中。