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This new generation insect repellent uses Picaridin, a breakthrough substitute to DEET.  Repels mosquitoes, sandflies & most other biting insects.

Picaridin is non-toxic, does not penetrate the skin and is also environmentally friendly, biodegradable and water degradable. The product containing 15% Picaridin is suitable for anyone 6 months or older and for use during pregnancy.

Recommended by the World Health Organization as an effective alternative to DEET.


  • Non-toxic & environmentally safe
  • 6 hours of protection
  • Water-resistant
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Camphor free, safe for G6PD deficiency
  • Mild without irritation to skin
  • DEET free
  • Safe to use during pregnancy and while breast-feeding
  • Suitable for the age of 6 months and older

Ingredients: 15% Picaridin (Fragrance-Free)
Type: Roll On
Volume: 60mL


Extra information

Enhanced Durability for 6 to 12 Hours

  • 15% Picaridin: provides protection for approximately 6 hours
  • 20% Picaridin: provides protection for approximately 8 hours
  • 25% Picaridin: provides protection for up to 12 hours


Complete range of products is specifically formulated to offer long-lasting defense during extended outdoor activities, minimizing the need for frequent reapplication.


Safe for Pregnancy, Children, and Adults

  • 15-20% Picaridin: safe for use during pregnancy (including breastfeeding) and suitable for babies aged 6 months or older
  • 25% Picaridin: suitable for children above 2 years old


Manufactured in New Zealand



SKIN TECHNOLOGY Insect Repellent Picaridin 60ml Roll On (Fragrance-Free)

  • 紐西蘭 SKIN TECHNOLOGY 驅蟲劑派卡瑞丁 60ML 滾珠瓶 (無香精)

    這款新一代驅蟲劑使用派卡瑞丁 (Picardin),這是避蚊胺 (DEET) 的突破性替代品。 驅除蚊子、沙蠅和大多數其他叮咬昆蟲。


    派卡瑞丁無毒,不會滲透肌膚,而且環保、可生物降解、可水降解。 該產品含有 15% 派卡瑞丁,適合 6 個月或以上的任何人以及懷孕期間使用。





    • 無毒且環保
    • 6 小時保護
    • 防水
    • 懷孕期間及哺乳期間可安全使用
    • 專為室內和室外活動設計
    • 不含樟腦,蠶豆症可用
    • 溫和不刺激皮膚
    • 不含避蚊胺(DEET)
    • 適合6個月及以上年齡



    成分:15%派卡瑞丁 (無香精)






    • 15%的派卡瑞丁 :約6小時保護
    • 20%的派卡瑞丁 :約8小時保護
    • 25%的派卡瑞丁 :長達12小時保護





    • 15-20%的派卡瑞丁 :適用於懷孕期間(包括哺乳期)和6個月或以上的嬰兒
    • 25%的派卡瑞丁 :適用於2歲以上的兒童



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