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Mothers may be confused when choosing the optimal breast shield size, our nipple ruler is a great start to determining the correct breast shield size to use.


The soft silicone nipple ruler is more comfortable to use than hard plastic tools and more stable than a paper ruler.


How to use - 2 ways to measure your nipple


Wash your measuring tool with warm soapy water before and after each use.


By nipple ruler

1. Hold the ruler with 0 lined up with the edge of one side of your nipple.

2. One the other edge of your nipple is the number in millimeters of your nipple diameter.

3. Nipples are not always the same size. Measure each nipple individually since you may not get the same measurement on the left and right sides of your chest.


By circular guide

1. Place the nipple into the smallest hole you can comfortably fit into without forcing it.

2. Your nipple should fit completely inside the circle.

3. Make sure you can see your entire nipple inside the circle and right where it meets the areolar tissue.

4. The number in millimeters indicates your nipple diameter.

5. Don’t forget to measure each nipple individually since you may not get the same measurement on the left and right sides of your chest.


If you measure your nipples diameter before beginning to pump or before you have your baby, you will add 3-4 mm to the measurement you found for choosing the correct breast shield size. Adding 1-2mm on nipple diameter to determine breast shield size after pumping.




It's important to check your nipple size regularly as it may change throughout pregnancy and your breastfeeding journey.


Please consult with a lactation professional if you're experiencing nipple pain or damage.

Silicone Nipple Ruler

  • 矽膠乳頭尺




    如何使用 - 測量乳頭的 2 種方法





    1. 握住尺子,使 0 與乳頭一側的邊緣對齊。

    2. 乳頭另一邊即是乳頭直徑(毫米)。

    3. 2邊乳頭的大小未必一樣。 單獨測量每邊乳頭直徑。



    1. 將乳頭放入最小孔中。

    2. 您的乳頭應完全位於圓圈內。

    3. 確保您可以看到整個乳頭在圓圈內,及相連的乳暈組織在圓圈邊緣地方。

    4. 下方的數字(毫米)即是您的乳頭直徑。

    5. 2邊乳頭的大小未必一樣。 單獨測量每邊乳頭直徑。


    如果您在開始吸乳前或生孩子前測量乳頭,您需要在測量乳頭直徑基礎上增加 3-4 毫米,以便選擇正確的喇叭尺寸。 在吸乳後才測量乳頭直徑,則可以在此直徑基礎上,添加1-2 毫米來決定喇叭尺寸。



    • 定期檢查您的乳頭大小很重要,因為它可能會在整個懷孕和母乳餵養的過程中發生變化。


    • 如果您遇到乳頭疼痛或損傷,請諮詢哺乳專家意見。
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