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Wearable Silicone Manual Breast Pump


The ultimate hassle-free solution for easy breast milk collection. Unlike traditional silicone breast milk collectors, the YOUHA Pod fits comfortably in your bra. You can use the YOUHA Pod while nursing your baby, expressing milk on the other side, or going about your daily routine.




  • No cords, no batteries, no fuss


  • Sleek and compact wearable design


  • Portable and silent for discreet wearing


  • Safe, convenient and effective breast milk collection 


  • Easy to use - a single press of the pocket activates continuous natural suction that can be adjusted to your comfort level by gently pressing the valve.


  • 4oz / 120mL capacity


  • Made with food grade silicone


  • BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalate-free


  • Pod 穿戴式矽膠母乳吸乳器

    最輕鬆,無憂的收集母乳方法。與傳統的矽膠母乳收集器不同, YOUHA Pod可舒適地放入您的胸圍內。 當你一側哺乳或擠奶時,或處理日常工作中,你可以使用YOUHA Pod收集另一側寶貴的母乳。


    • 無電線,無電池,無煩惱


    • 時尚小巧的穿戴式設計 


    • 集乳器便攜且靜音,舒適佩戴


    • 安全、方便、有效的母乳採集


    • Pod易於使用。只需按壓集乳器,即可保持吸力,輕輕按壓閥門,以釋放壓力, 調整到你感舒適的程度


    • 4安士 / 120毫克容量


    • 由食品級矽膠製成


    • 不含雙酚A (BPA free)、雙酚S (BPS free)、聚氯乙烯 (PVC free) 和鄰苯二甲酸酯(Phthalate free)
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