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The adapters (2 pc in the box) allow you to pump directly into most popular breastmilk storage bags like Youha, Medela, Spectra, Avent, Unimom and Cimilre


  • No milk loss due to transferring from collection bottles to bags
  • Fits most wide neck breastshields (YOUHA, Avent, Spectra wide mouth flanges)
  • Fits most narrow neck breastshields (Spectra narrow mouth flanges)



Polypropylene(PP) and Stainless steel spring

Free of BPA, BPS, Phthalates and PVC


NOTE: There is stainless steel in the product. DO NOT place the product in a microwave oven or steamer bag for sterilization. Use boiling water for 2-3 min instead. DO NOT hold the clip area when you are pumping to avoid release of the bag, thus dropping the milk on the floor!


Wide Neck Adapter is compatible for YOUHA, AVENT, Spectra (Wide Neck) 


Narrow Neck Adpater is compatible for Spectra (Narrow Neck) (NOTE : Medela models are not compatible)





Milk Storage Bag Adapters

  • 優合奶袋夾

    奶袋夾(盒內 2 個)可讓您直接泵入現時常用的母乳儲存袋,如 Youha、Medela、Spectra、Avent、Unimom 和 Cimilre

    • 不會因由收集奶瓶倒入奶袋時而造成母乳減少
    • 適合大多數寬口奶瓶(YOUHA、Avent、Spectra 寬口喇叭)
    • 適合大多數窄口奶瓶 (Spectra)


    聚丙烯 (PP) 和不銹鋼彈簧


    注意:產品中含有不銹鋼。 請勿將產品放入微波爐或消毒袋中進行消毒。 改用沸水煮2-3分鐘。 吸奶時,不要握住夾子位置,以免奶袋鬆開,從而將母乳掉到地板上!

    寬口奶袋夾兼容 YOUHA、Avent、Spectra(寬口)

    窄口奶袋夾兼容 Spectra(窄口)(注意:Medela 型號不兼容)

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