Milk Storage Bag Adapters


The adapters (2 pc in the box) allow you to pump directly into most popular breastmilk storage bags like Youha, Medela, Spectra, Avent, Unimom and Cimilre

  • No milk loss due to transferring from collection bottles to bags
  • Fits most wide neck breastshields (Avent, Spectra wide mouth flanges)
  • Fits most narrow neck breastshields (Medela)
  • NOTE: There is stainless steel in the product. DO NOT place the product in a microwave oven or steamer bag for sterilization. Use boiling water for 2-3 min instead. DO NOT hold the clip area when you are pumping to avoid release of the bag, thus dropping the milk on the floor!
  • Material: Heavy duty polypropylene(PP), BPA free. Stainless steel spring.



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