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The Freeze-N-Feed Mini Combo is the perfect way to safely introduce new flavours to your baby while providing cooling relief for teething gums! Combining the always popular Fresh Food Feeder with a mini version of our Pineapple Nibble Tray, this combo freezes perfectly-sized portions of food, allowing your child to explore new flavours and textures without the risk of choking.


This set is small enough to pop in your bag, so you'll always have it to hand when you're away from home. Best of all, the Freeze-N-Feed Mini Combo is super easy to use. Simply fill the Nibble Tray compartments with breast milk, puréed food, or other favourites and freeze. Pop one out when required and place in the Feeder pouch, assemble, and seal tight. For those who need more treats, the full-sized Pineapple Nibble Tray (sold separately) comes with a huge NINE compartments, keeping you going for longer! Your little one will enjoy building independence while experiencing new tastes and textures, as well as soothing their sore, teething gums.



  • Non-toxic silicone design makes the Feeder safe for your baby to chew and suck on.


  • Soft silicone pouch with small holes that allow only tiny, digestible pieces of food to pass through.


  • Feeder has a secure lid to prevent choking hazards.


  • Textured bunny ears on the easy-hold Feeder top provide bonus entertainment and develop motor skills.


  • Nibble Tray is ideal for making perfectly-sized frozen portions for the Feeder pouch.


  • Freeze breast milk or other favourites in the Nibble Tray to soothe tender gums.


  • Nature-inspired colours help stimulate baby's sensory development.


  • Feet on the cap allow the Feeder to be stored upright.


  • The Nibble Tray's loop and shape of the Feeder handle make for easy hang-drying and storage.


  • Disassembles for easy cleaning no spaces for bacteria to breed.


  • BPA, PVC and phthalate-free.

Haakaa Freeze-N-Feed Mini Combo

  • 迷你食物模具與餵食器組合





    • 安全無毒的膠設計讓您的寶寶可以安全地咀嚼和吸吮蔬果餵食器。


    • 柔軟的膠網袋帶有小孔,這些小孔只能通過小塊、可消化的食物。


    • 餵食器的結構牢固,以防止意外打開造成的嗆噎風險。


    • 易於握持的食器的頂部是帶有紋理的兔耳朵,可提供額外的娛樂並發展手部運動技能。


    • 食物模具非常適合製作大小適中的冷凍食物,以便放於餵食器網袋內。


    • 在食物模具中凍結母乳或其他喜愛的食物,可舒緩嬰兒敏感的牙齦。


    • 大自然啟發的顏色有助於刺激嬰兒的感官發展。


    • 防塵蓋上的支腳讓餵食器可以直立存放。


    • 食物模具的掛孔和餵食器的鏤空手柄使其方便掛起晾乾和存放。


    • 可拆卸,便於清潔 - 沒有細菌滋生的空間。


    • 不含雙酚A、聚氯乙烯和鄰笨二甲酸鹽。
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