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Ultimate Control + Convenience


2 main settings : Standard and Quiet mode


Each setting has 3 preset modes: Massage, Express and Mixed Mode (a combination of Massage and Express)


Each mode has 10 level


Total 60 combinations for your choice.*


* More importantly, the embody's suction and cycle are tailor-designed for Hong Kong moms to achieve our goal - enjoy your breast feeding journal - relax, comfortable and high efficient pumping. It is totally different from any versions in YOUHA mainland China.


All-in-one: Hands-free, wire-free, tube-free, fuss-free


Quality material: Food-grade silicone and PP (BPA, BPS, PVC and Phthalate free)


My YOUHA app: Offers Bluetooth enabled app pump controls (simultaneous and individual) and secure tracking.


Traval bag for transporting pump safely.


Available in two sizes (24mm & 28mm), each with a convertor to downsize included.


Included in the box:

2 x Motor unit

2 x Silicone breast shield

2 x Breast shield convertor

2 x 5oz / 150mL cup

2 x U membrane

4 x Valve (includes 2 spares)

2 x USB Type-C cable

2 x Dust cap

1 x Traval bag

Embody Wearable Breast Pump

  • Embody 穿戴式吸奶器

    極致的靈活性 + 操作容易




    每個設置都有 3 種預設模式:按摩、吸乳和混合模式(按摩和吸乳的組合)




    共有 60 種組合供您選擇。*


    * 更重要的是,embody的吸力和節奏專為香港媽媽度身定制的,以實現我們的目標 - 享受你的母乳餵哺旅程 - 放鬆、舒適和高效擠乳。它與優合中國大陸的任何版本都完全不同。




    優質材料:食品級矽膠和 PP(不含 BPA、BPS、PVC 和Phthalate)


    My YOUHA 應用程式:提供支援藍牙的應用程式操作(雙邊和單邊)和奶量跟踪。




    有兩種尺寸(24 mm 和 28 mm)可供選擇,每種尺寸都包含一個縮小尺寸的轉換器。



    2 x 主機

    2 x 矽膠喇叭

    2 x 小喇叭

    2 x 5oz / 150mL 集奶杯

    2 x U型氣膜

    4 x 閥門(包括 2 個備件)

    2 x USB Type-C 充電線

    2 x 防塵蓋

    1 x 手提袋

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