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2 IN 1  --- The Aio electric breast pump & lactation massager allows you to express breast milk more quickly and efficiently at your convenience by pumping while vibrating compared with traditional pump. Furthermore, it comes with comfort shield which has soft rim to lays on your breast for comfortable feeling when pumping.


  • Sleek and compact design


  • Quiet and convenient operation


  • Easy to use


  • Efficient and effective breast milk expression


  • Ideal for use at home or at the office


  • All-in-one device that is easy to assemble and clean  


You can remove the motor unit and use it on its own as a lactation massager. You can use this to relieve engorgement, mastitis, clogged ducts and to improve milk flow.


3 modes breast pump 

  • Massage mode
  • Express mode
  • Mixed mode


4 vibration types lactation massager

  • Auto lactation massager
  • Short vibration
  • Long vibration
  • Mixed vibration


Included in the box

1 x Membrane

2 x Comfort shield (21 & 24mm each)

1 x USB Type C cable

1 x Motor unit

1 x Valve base

2 x Valve (includes 1 spare)

1 x PPSU storage bottle

1 x Bottle lid

Aio Electric Breast Pump & Lactation Massager

  • Aio 電動吸奶器及哺乳按摩器



    2合1 --- 與傳統吸奶器相比,您使用Aio 電動吸奶器及哺乳按摩器,透過吸乳同時振動的功能,令母乳更快、更有效地吸出。 此外,它還配有軟邊喇叭 (Comfort Shield),其柔軟的邊緣可貼在您的乳房上,讓您在吸乳時感覺舒適。


    • 時尚緊湊的設計


    • 安靜方便的操作


    • 易於使用


    • 高效率的母乳擠奶


    • 非常適合在家中或辦公室使用


    • 易於組裝和清潔的多合一設備

    您可以單獨使用主機當作哺乳按摩器。 您可以用它來緩解充血、乳腺炎、導管堵塞和改善乳汁流動。



    • 按摩模式
    • 吸乳模式
    • 混合模式



    • 預設振動
    • 短頻振動
    • 長頻振動
    • 混合長短振動



    1 x 氣膜

    2 x 舒適喇叭 (又叫軟邊喇叭)(21 和 24 mm 各一)

    1 x USB Type-C 充電線

    1 x 主機

    1 x 閥門座

    2 x 閥門 (包括 1 個備用)

    1 x PPSU 儲存瓶

    1  x 瓶蓋

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