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These Breast Milk Collection Shells are super handy, particularly for the early days. They are multi-purpose which we all love! They are the perfect breast pad alternative for moms who want to save every golden drop of milk. Moms can wear  it to catch your let down while feeding your baby on the other side. They are also handy to air your nipples between feeds or pumping sessions.



The Youha 3 in 1 Breast Milk Collection Shells fit comfortably in your bra. 

1. Collect precious breast milk when breastfeeding or expressing on the other side

2. Use instead of breast pads

3. Let your nipples air between feeds


In the box

2 milk collectors


Free of BPA, BPS, Phthalates and PVC

3 in 1 Breast Milk Collection Shells

  • 母乳小集乳器

    這些母乳小集乳器非常方便,尤其是在早期。它們是多功能的,我們都喜歡! 對於珍惜每一滴黃金母乳的媽媽來說,它們是完美的乳墊替代品。當寶寶吸啜一邊乳房時,媽媽們可以戴上它在另一邊乳房來收集每滴滲出的母乳。 它們還可以方便地令媽媽在餵哺或泵奶之間,乳頭可通風。


    優合 3 合 1 母乳小集乳器可舒適地放入您的胸罩中。

    1. 餵奶或泵奶時,可收集另一邊珍貴的母乳

    2. 代替乳墊使用

    3. 讓你的乳頭在兩次餵奶之間通風






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